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I gravitate more towards food than anything else. Whether it’s cooking, or eating I love food in it’s entirety. So when surfing for blogs, I knew I would venture into food blogs. My favorite’s so far are Food Network’s “FN Dish” and Serious Eats, both of which are written by various authors.

Both blogs were written well. I noticed that the sentences, and paragraphs were short and concise. They were long enough to get the point across, but also short enough to keep my attention span. Serious Eats utilized bold lettering, for emphasis, and even put the contact information at the end of a food review about  The Voodoo Doughnut found in Portland, Oregon, further connecting readers to what they read about.

FN Dish has strength in their comments. There are many more comments on FN Dish but it is probably because they have incentive blog posts. There are at least two blog posts, that have incentives behind them to get readers, and comments. The blog post works basically as a contest. If you comment answering this question, or giving your opinion then you enter to win a toaster or a hefty supply of delicious Crunch Pak Sliced Apples.

The interesting thing is, that is a great way to get reader interaction and involvement, but I did not see the author’s responding back to the readers ever. Serious Eats does not have as many comments as FN Dish, but I did not see author/reader interaction there either.

One thing that I  see on FN Dish that I liked and also illustrated good blogging practices was the citing of sources! I even saw a picture that was cited very clearly, as to where and whom it came from, right in the lower left hand corner.

I got a warm a fuzzy feeling from Serious Eats. It seems to be a more relaxed blog. Very conversational, but surprisingly there isn’t much interaction between author and reader. At the same time though, I really loved the use of pictures, and visual imagery throughout the text. It was really great. The colors just seem to come together in a great way, like this Roasted Squash and Raw Carrot Soup.

FN Dish has more stories that draw you in though. For instance, the toaster, I wanted to comment just because that is such an easy thing to do to get a free gift! Also, the blog post on The Food Fight: Multigrain vs. Whole Wheat Bread, I am not a bread eater but I have heard a lot about these two and I was curious to see what the result was! Which is better?

Serious Eats could stand to interact with their readers more, and FN Dish could stand to have a more cozy, comfortable laid feel to it, and not so much of a reporting style, but they are both really good blogs. I will continue to read both, and I encourage you to do the same!